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Powerful local search tool with remote access to indexed contents

The default Windows search tool has always been accused of being slow, inaccurate and useless. This is why it could be a good idea to replace it with another local search engine. Everything could be that replacement you're looking for. This...
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  • 野 陶

    by 野 陶

    I really like Everything, it's the best file search tool, I use it almost every day. But everything can not search the content, the is a full-text desktop search tool, similar to Everything, it is AnyTXT Searcher.I recommend it, if you like Everything, you will like AnyTXT. Everything is the best free tool.

  • ezra koren

    by ezra koren

    Great software, works fast and simple. Has been using it decisively since 2010. Recommends to install on any computer at home. Work very well on Hebrew.

  • Nataraj VR

    by Nataraj VR

    Great program and a MUST HAVE program. this is simple and powerful program. with this i would save at least 10 minutes every day.

  • by Anonymous

    Just simply amazing.. It's AMAZING, it's a small program so it doesn't take up much memory, but it is just amazing. :) It works great, and with great speed. I highly reccomend it. Everybody in my family uses it. :) Pros: Speed, efficiency. Size

  • by Anonymous

    Superfast searching . Superfast. Also available as portable. Finds everything ;-) using wild cards etc. A must have program! Pros: Speed. Wildcard possibilities. Cons: Filtering (include/exclude maps)

  • by Anonymous

    everything...outstanding program. Absolutely wonderful!!! Best program I ever downloaded! I was use to having the search on previous windows, but vista doesn't have that. While reading comments about great programs, this was mentioned as a great little program, and that is an understatement! I use it 3 or 4 times a day! Absolutely wonderful little program! Pros: Everything! Fast, precise, easy toMore

  • by Anonymous

    Finds All Files. Good fast search. Finds all filenames - even in Vista - unlike Vista's own search engine. Pros: Fast Finds all filenames. Cons: Restricted to Filenames No Contents or Dates facilities